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Detroit Great Again? It Really Could Be

When I first read the news of commercial real estate company ICONIC Real Estate opening up its headquarters in the…

6 years ago

Attention Real Estate Industry Pros: Your Future Is In Jeopardy!

Real estate brokers, agents, home builders and lenders - we're talking to you!

9 years ago

Detroit Is to Begin an Online Auction for Vacant Homes

Detroit has recently launched a website to auction off the vacant homes forced into foreclosure. It's part of the city’s…

9 years ago

Detroit gets creative as it attempts to rebuild housing

Detroit is trying to attract new residents, as nonprofit groups begin offering incentives to encourage more people to buy a…

10 years ago

Detroit’s Foreclosures: Will They Revive or Destroy the City?

Detroit has a national reputation as a leader in foreclosures – not a great thing for the real estate market.…

10 years ago

AEI Study Shows How FHA Financing Is Destroying Thousands Of Neighborhoods

According to American Enterprise Institute Fellow, Edward Pinto, the FHA mortgage insurance program is helping to destroy the neighborhoods that…

11 years ago

Market Watch Detroit - You Can't Keep Motown Down

Detroit, Michigan has a history of firsts. For example, the Packard Motor Car Company, in 1939, made the first air-conditioned…

12 years ago

Detroit Real Estate Tough, But Looking Brighter

Detroit real estate, residential and commercial, may be on its way back according to new reports. Where other city real…

13 years ago