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FHA qualification

Need A New Home? 4 Ways To De-Stress Your Home Search

If you want to de-stress your home search and make for an easy process, there are a few important tips…

6 years ago

Are FHA Fees Holding Back the Recovery?

Anyone with a less than perfect credit rating is likely to find it pretty hard to get a loan these…

8 years ago

Oregon Experiences "Boomerang Buyer" Boom

According to Best Rate Home Loans, borrowers in Oregon have begun buying homes once more, and are taking advantage of…

10 years ago

The Latest Housing Refinance Initiative - Deja Vu All Over Again

This is getting tiresome. The latest housing initiative announced yesterday by President Obama is just more of the same old…

11 years ago

Stewart Lender Services Introduces FHA Qualification Package

Stewart Lender Services, in conjunction with Spectrum Field Services, announced the availability of a new qualification package for investors that…

12 years ago