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First time buyers

Are We in a Real Estate Recession?

While inflation rates in the US dipped slightly during July, they're still at the highest levels this century. This has caused widespread…

7 months ago

Avoid the Biggest Mistakes First Time Buyers Make

You’ve been daydreaming about buying your first home for many months - if not years. Now it is springtime, and…

1 year ago

Tough Questions Arise Out of An Unprecedented Affordability Crisis

Blackstone Real Estate just acquired affordability innovators Home Partners of America for $6 billion. Here's why this is big news.

2 years ago

California proposes subsidy to cover almost half the cost of first-time buyer's homes

Lawmakers in California have come up with a dramatic new proposal that, if it comes into being, would offer hope…

2 years ago

First-timebuyers may consider moving to lower-cost areas as challenges mount

Younger people are facing a problem, with rising home pricing meaning that the down payment requirement is getting higher, and…

2 years ago

Millennials are driving the housing market rebound

Younger home buyers aged in their 20s and 30s, who were once seen as being reluctant to enter the housing…

3 years ago

Fewer first-time buyers are married

The declining rate of marriage in the U.S. means that married couples no longer dominate the first time buyer landscape…

3 years ago

First time buyers increasingly turn to bank of mom & dad

A third of first time buyers have been forced to ask their families or friends for financial assistance in order…

3 years ago