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Home Affordable Modification Program

$5K Extra Reward on Offer for HAMP Borrowers

The government is throwing in more incentives to keep borrowers who modify their loans through the Home Affordable Modification Program…

8 years ago

HAMP Borrowers Facing Hike in Interest Rates

During the recent housing crisis, at risk homeowners took advantage of the federal government’s emergency plan to help avoid falling…

9 years ago

HAMP Program Show Homeowner Defaults Increasing

Since the government introduced its Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) approximately 1.25 million homeowners have had their loans modified, but…

9 years ago

Housing Scorecard Shows We're On The Right Track

Despite the obvious gradual improvements seen in housing markets across the US, the overall recovery remains extremely "fragile", according to…

10 years ago

Obama Administration Tries To Help Unemployed Homeowners

The Obama administration has just announced a new program which is aimed at keeping unemployed homeowners in their own homes.…

12 years ago

Home Loan Modifications – Genuine Assistance or Just a Big Scam?

Following a year-long investigation into a total of 80 loan modification firms, serious problems within this industry have been reported…

12 years ago