Signs of real estate slowdown could provide relief to frustrated buyers

Economists say that recent signs of a slowdown in the housing market could result in long-awaited openings for new buyers to get in on the action. Home affordability has become a major concern amid double-digital home price appreciation and rising mortgage rates. Compared to last year, the average monthly mortgage payment is now 50% higher.

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Amid bidding war, one buyer offered $50K for the other to walk away

With so few homes available to buy on the market, some buyers are going to new extremes, resorting even to bribing other buyers to withdraw their competing bid so their own will be accepted. Buyers are using such desperate tactics because they may feel there’s no other way. Real estate agents in Dallas report submitting

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5 ways AI can help home buyers find the perfect home

From self-driving cars to advanced medical diagnosis, artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed our lives. Even in the entertainment industry, we have already seen preference-based AI algorithms be hugely successful like in Netflix and Amazon. A growing number of real estate companies are already incorporating artificial intelligence into the buying, selling, and mortgage processes to make

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Tips for Successful Home Buyers

Navigating the real estate market can be a little scary for the novice, especially in the days of COVID-19. With inventories low and mortgage rate on the rise, experts predict a consistent growth in the market for 2022 and a mortgage rate slow-down. Successful buyers will look for an agent who is well-versed in negotiations

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5 Tips for Reaching New Home Buyers in 2022

Five tips showing how a solid online and traditional marketing strategy are essential for reaching new home buyers in 2022.

With inventory still tight, home buyers can’t afford to hesitate

With so few home listings around, prospective home buyers have very little time to make up their minds on whether or not they intend to bid on a house they’ve seen. The reality is that as soon as a listing lands on the market, the race is on. Between July 2020 and June 2021, the

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Survey: Despite being a seller’s market, most buyers succeed without breaking a sweat

In the highly competitive housing market, stories abound of buyers making all-cash offers and using risky strategies such as waiving contingencies in order to make their bids stand out. But for all the anecdotes of bidding wars and frustrated buyers failing time and time again, the reality is somewhat different for the majority. Recently published

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Mistakes to avoid before closing on a home

Avoid these mistakes before closing on home loan

Hope May Be on the Horizon for First-Time Buyers

It’s too early to know for sure but some early indicators are emerging that show some relief could be coming to first-time buyers. That relief could include a combination of how Fannie Mae calculates credit scores, a few more houses coming on the market, and even a slight uptick in mortgage rates. Fannie Mae Upgrades

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Tips to Help Buyers Successfully Navigate a Hot Real Estate Market

If you have spent more than a day or two looking to buy a home, it’s no surprise that your bargaining power has probably never been lower than it is now. The number one tip that you should be following is to be patient. Don’t expect to have an offer accepted on the first house

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