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3 Common Myths About Home Security

sometimes following bad advice can have disastrous consequences. This is especially true when it comes to home security.

6 years ago

30 Million Homes Predicted to Add Smart Technology in Next 12 Months

A study by August Home and Xfinity Home shows a growing interest in smart homes technology and smart security. The…

7 years ago

Including Home Automation Systems With New Homes

As new home designs have become bigger and more elaborate in recent years, so too have the expectations of homeowners…

7 years ago

GetSafe rethinks home security for the modern age

Home security vendor GetSafe has launched a new kind of home security alarm aimed at first time homeowners and renters…

7 years ago

What Security Issues Do You Need to Consider Before Buying Real Estate?

Buying a property is one of the biggest investments you can make. With huge sums of money involved you want…

7 years ago

Home Security: 5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer While You’re Out of Town

Here are some practical steps that ordinary people can take to make your home safer even when you are absent.

8 years ago

Smart Phones More Vulnerable to Hacking

These days it is becoming increasingly common to find smartphones controlling many home s, including security systems and your TV.…

9 years ago

How to Sell a Safe Home in a Sketchy Neighborhood

Selling a home at all in this economy is generally difficult, but trying to pawn away a property in a…

9 years ago