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iBuyers: What Agents Need to Know and How They Can Compete with Them

iBuyers are emerging in cities across the nation. As the trend grows, so does the concern among real estate agents…

4 years ago

Smart Home Technology and Real Estate: A Short Guide

Smart home technology is becoming more and more commonplace in houses across the world. The trend isn't going anywhere; in…

4 years ago

Ready to Boost Your Home's IQ? Start With These 6 Smart Devices

But out of all the smart technology that has recently hit the consumer marketplace, none seems to be as practical…

6 years ago

Connected applicances bring Internet of Things to the home

Washer, dryer, and water heater, get ready to meet smartphone, tablet, and app. Hooking up time-honored home equipment to the…

8 years ago

10 Hot Housing Trends to Expect in 2015

In real estate trends typically come slowly, and though they may entice buyers and sellers, remind them that trends are…

8 years ago

The Ascendancy of Smart Homes & the Gold Mine Underneath

Juniper Research just released a report that projects the so-called "smart home" market to reach $60 billion by 2017. Powered…

10 years ago