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Housing providers urged to be cautious when applying criminal background checks

With multiple housing providers facing lawsuits over their alleged misuse of criminal histories in housing decisions, the National Association of…

2 years ago

Buyer love letters have been banned in Oregon

Oregon has become the first U.S. state to ban buyer love letters when making an offer on a home

2 years ago

Netflix donates $25M to help end housing discrimination

Video streaming giant Netflix wants to help put a stop to what it calls systematic racism in the U.S. housing…

3 years ago

New York can now revoke licenses from real estate pros that discriminate

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday signed into law new legislation that makes it possible for the state to…

3 years ago

Google to block targeted ads based on ZIP codes and demographics

Internet search giant Google has announced new polices for advertisers that will prevent them from targeting or excluding ads for…

3 years ago

HUD Says Maine Landlord Wouldn't Allow Disabled Vet to have Assistance Animal

HUD recently charged a Maine landlord with housing discrimination for not allowing a disabled veteran to have an assistance animal…

4 years ago

Fair Housing Act Primer for Multifamily Owners

Fifty years ago, on April 11, 1968, The Fair Housing Act (FHA) became law. At first, the FHA only prohibited…

5 years ago

Consumer Action: 'Housing Discrimination... Alive and Well'

Following a round of recent fair housing complaints and mortgage discrimination charges, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) has opened…

11 years ago