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Four of Greensboro's Top Real Estate Pros

Greensboro is a resilient home value market largely because of low listing inventories. Here's a list of top pros to…

4 weeks ago

What's Going On in the Housing Market Currently?

The US housing market has certainly been a wild ride lately, thanks to what seems like countless upheavals. Over the…

1 month ago

How Stable Will the Housing Market Be for 2023?

Are you unsure of what to expect from the housing market in 2023?

1 month ago

The Winter Housing Market: Predictions for 2023

The New Year is in full swing, and that means the winter season for real estate housing markets is now…

2 months ago

Slowing Housing Market Causes Further Upsets at Compass

Due to economic conditions like rampant inflation, the interest rate hikes that the US Federal Reserve has instituted to slow…

3 months ago

2023 Housing Market Predictions Show the South Leading the Pack

With 2023 approaching rapidly, many real estate professionals have turned their eyes to the future to gain some understanding of…

3 months ago

A Relationship Between Housing and Inflation

Whether it is rent or mortgage payments, housing is the single biggest chunk of spending for the average consumer. That…

4 months ago

A Look at San Diego's Fizzling Real Estate Market

The San Diego real estate market is being hit with a triple whammy. A real recession, on top of an…

5 months ago