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How Stable Will the Housing Market Be for 2023?

Are you unsure of what to expect from the housing market in 2023?

1 month ago

The Winter Housing Market: Predictions for 2023

The New Year is in full swing, and that means the winter season for real estate housing markets is now…

1 month ago

5 Predictions for the Housing Market (And Mortgage Rates)

As we enter the New Year, new predictions for the housing market are emerging, especially when it comes to mortgage…

3 months ago

A Relationship Between Housing and Inflation

Whether it is rent or mortgage payments, housing is the single biggest chunk of spending for the average consumer. That…

4 months ago

The New Jersey Housing Market: Dennis Lynch Discusses Falling Prices

The real estate market has been a challenge to navigate during the past few years, and New Jersey is no…

4 months ago

How Real Estate Technology Will Dominate the Housing Market

If you're looking for a new business or investment vehicle, real estate is one that is foundational to wealth-building.  New…

5 months ago

Three Great Reasons to Move to Milwaukee

Most people who think about Milwaukie think about professional sports teams, cheese, or beer brewing (see Pabst, Schlitz, and Miller).…

5 months ago

It’s Not Just Mortgage Rates Hurting the Housing Market

Soaring mortgage rates have led to the worst affordability in almost four decades, while sellers are also losing their ability…

5 months ago