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Key Differences Between Creative and Traditional Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is probably the second oldest profession. Real estate investing is about controlling property to improve your situation…

2 years ago

How Coronavirus is Impacting the U.S. Rental Market

Just a few short weeks ago the economy was breaking records, the Dow was nearing 30,000, unemployment was at record…

2 years ago

The Most Expensive Mistakes Of Beginning Real Estate Investors

Plenty of people, particularly millennials, have shown significant interest in investing in real estate, and it isn't hard to see…

3 years ago

Know Your Options When Investing in Rental Properties

Anyone who has ever lived in an apartment or rental home has probably always dreamed of what it would be…

4 years ago

4 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Property vs Residential

When you think of investing in property, you probably imagine purchasing houses before selling them on to happy buyers for…

5 years ago

These counties are reaping the biggest rewards for real estate investors

New analysis shows that the town of Clayton, Georgia, in the Atlanta metro area is now the single best bet…

5 years ago

9 Tips for Renovating an Investment Property

Here are nine tips to help you save money and maximize revenue for your investment properties.

5 years ago

RealtyShares Raises $32.9M for Midwest Real Estate Projects Through Crowdfunding

RealtyShares, a leading online marketplace for real estate investing, has released new data showing the extent of crowdfunded investments in…

5 years ago

Investing in Stocks vs. Real Estate

Many people ponder whether it's better to invest in stocks or mutual funds versus investing in real estate. As it…

5 years ago

Real Estate trends Investors should be aware of in 2017

As the new year gets underway, we turn our attention to trends that shape the real estate landscape.

6 years ago