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Ask Brian: Can I Invest in Real Estate Without Being a Property Owner?

Ask Brian is a weekly column by Real Estate Expert Brian Kline. If you have questions on real estate investing,…

1 year ago

What A Novice Investor Needs To Know About Investing In Land For The First Time

When it comes to investments, real estate remains king with 35 percent of Americans ranking real estate as the best…

3 years ago

Hedge fund manager Ken Griffin buys Chicago's most valuable home for $58.5 million

Ken Griffin has just purchased what has become Chicago's most expensive home ever

6 years ago

Real Estate Investor Taxes What You Need To Know

The new tax laws do not appear to have a short term negative impact for investors. In fact it’s more…

6 years ago

4 Tips for the New Real Estate Investor

Becoming a real estate investor has lots of advantages, one advantage of investing in the real estate business is that…

6 years ago

What Homeowners Should Know About Building a Financial Portfolio

When investing for your future, it's vital you plan and understand what's involved in building an investment portfolio for your…

7 years ago

Fund That Flip flips rehabbing investment market on its head

A new investment platform called Fund That Flip is making waves by connecting qualified investors to vetted rehab projects, giving…

7 years ago

Take Control of Your Closing Costs and Win

Mortgage lenders are well known for piling on garbage fees as part of closing costs. As an investor, you need…

9 years ago