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DIY - Declutter Your Living Space and Your Life

Tiny homes and minimalism aren’t the only reasons to declutter your home. There are dozens of reasons for getting your…

4 years ago

Why self driving cars could boost home values

The emergence of autonomous cars could have a real impact on the prices of residential real estate. With self-driving cars,…

5 years ago

5 Major Steps In Developing A House Plot

As with any development, there are a few steps that ensure that a house plot is fully developed. The development…

6 years ago

Selecting the Home Design Style That Fits Your Family

The design of a home is unique and depends on the personality of the homeowners as well as their lifestyle.

7 years ago

5 Reasons Every Home Buyer Should See the Garage before Buying a House

There are several good reasons why potential home buyers should check out the garage before making a final decision.

8 years ago

The "co-living space" craze hits home with millenials

There's a rising trend among millenials for what's called "co-living spaces" that feature dorm-style apartments.

8 years ago

Home Buying Tips: Separating the “Must Haves” from the “Wants”

It’s almost the season to be jolly, and no doubt there are plenty of people who have been busy compiling…

12 years ago