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Childcare costs undermines middle-class housing aspirations

Upper-middle-class families are more likely than low or upper-class families to rely on their extended family for childcare, according to…

6 years ago

President Trump vows to increase American home ownership

President Donald Trump has pledged to strengthen America’s middle class by eliminating some of the rules and regulations, and cutting…

6 years ago

Growing the Memphis Middle Class

Growing the Memphis Middle Class There is a concerted effort in Memphis to provide a trained workforce named the "Workforce…

8 years ago

Mitt Romney Says Banks Should Be Allowed to Proceed with Foreclosures

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has stated that he believes that the best way to help housing markets to recover…

12 years ago

Lower Interest Rates Meaningless For Housing

Now that we've reached the lowest mortgage interest rates in history, with advertised rates under 4%, you would think that…

12 years ago