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Why it's important to stress ality over style in home remodeling projects

The increased popularity of reality TV inspired by real estate is compelling many homeowners to put aesthetic before ality in…

3 years ago

Home construction grows in August but it could be short lived

There‚Äôs good news on the construction front as builders have been stepping up their efforts to build more homes and…

4 years ago

Home construction decline means 6 million homes are "missing" from U.S. markets

The alarming shortage of housing inventory can be blamed on a downtrend in new home construction that began in the…

4 years ago

Decline in new home construction could cause "housing emergency", says NAR economist

New home construction is on the decline following a strong start to 2017. The latest report from the Commerce Department…

5 years ago

Hooray, more single-family homes on the way

Home builders have answered the call to provide more single-family homes in the last month, with production rising by 8.1…

6 years ago

Memphis New Home Permits Mostly Stable

Year-on-year, Memphis and Shelby County saw a slight increase in new home permits. Third quarter numbers for 2014 were up…

8 years ago