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How To Calculate Rehab Costs

Have you taken the time to accurately determine your real cost to acquire, rehab, and sell a project home? It's…

8 years ago

Take Control of Your Closing Costs and Win

Mortgage lenders are well known for piling on garbage fees as part of closing costs. As an investor, you need…

9 years ago

How to Flip Houses for Success

When you watch the TV shows, it looks super simple to flip a house in a couple of weeks for…

9 years ago

Heartbreak Hotel Awaits Some Spring Home Sellers

Over the next few months, many sellers will have their hearts broken. This will be primarily self-inflicted but much of…

11 years ago

Making Money on Real Estate, No Matter What!

Real estate investing is a tough business at the best of times. Which means that nowadays, with markets in the…

11 years ago