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Gold Gate Launches $100 Million Luxury Real Estate Investment Fund

Gold Gate real estate investment management just announces Fund I of $100 million taking aim at the luxury segment and…

2 years ago

Blackstone Set to Close Record Private Equity Fund

In a move to boost purchasing power, the Blackstone Group is all set to close a $20 billion dollar private-equity…

4 years ago

6 Real Estate Stocks You Should Be Watching

Looking at The Dividend Channel this morning, cherry picking stocks with noted insider buying activity is one way investors can…

10 years ago

Real Estate Funds Underperform Due to Excessive Leverage

Real estate funds that favor a riskier approach are more likely to have leverage determine their underperformance, as shown by…

10 years ago

Argo Real Estate Opportunities Fund Adds Two Properties

In market news from Eastern Europe, commercial property investment company Argo Real Estate Opportunities Fund will acquire two shopping parks…

12 years ago