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First time buyers should have an easier time this year

First-time home buyers can expect an easier home shopping experience this spring, as market conditions shift in their favor. Entry-level…

4 years ago

Analysis shows Chicago is the easiest place to save for a down payment

If you’re struggling to save up for a down payment on your first home, you could do a lot worse…

4 years ago

Zillow launches RealEstate.com for first-time buyers

Zillow is launching another new real estate-focused website tailored specifically for first-time buyers, many of whom it says are millennials.

6 years ago

10 Great Google+ Pages for Real Estate Professionals

Looking for some great Google+ page in the real estate industry? Here are 10 Google+ pages in the real estate…

11 years ago

RealEstate.com Cashes Out for $8.2 Million

In technology news, Market Leader, an online marketing and technology company, has just acquired RealEstate.com for $8.25 million. The deal…

11 years ago

What to Do With Bug Ugly Real Estate Sites: Part I

Anyone would think massively successful real estate entities on the web could afford the very best digital engagement. And they…

11 years ago