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Rent to Own Comes With Many Options

There are many ways for both sellers and buyers to both benefit from rent to own home arrangements. Rent to…

6 years ago

House Hunting? 4 Things You Need to Know Before Taking on a Lease

When you’re house or apartment hunting, some things just go without saying. But what about the other things you should…

7 years ago

Self-Management vs Hiring a Property Management Firm

Real estate has for long been perceived as one of the most stable investments not only in the US, but…

7 years ago

The Guarantors make renting in New York easier

Anyone’s who’s tried renting an apartment in New York will know full well just how difficult that can be. First…

7 years ago

4 Tips for First-Time Renters Looking to Protect Their Property

Taking the leap into renting can be incredibly intimidating for a first-timer.

7 years ago

Managing and Maintaining Your Rental from a Distance: Tips and Tricks for Long-Distance Landlords

Long-distant landlord. Sounds like a hassle. You’re moving away and you want to rent your old place, but then there’s…

7 years ago

Searching Secrets: Real Estate Tricks to Find Your Dream Apartment

While owning your own home is said to be the American dream, there is a large segment of the population…

7 years ago

Renting Versus Buying in Memphis

Lifestyle and finances play important roles in making a decision between buying or renting a home to live in. Without…

8 years ago