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Some retirees have big problem with short-term rentals

Retirees are finding it tough to find a home in desirable destination and resort areas where they can better connect…

2 years ago

Age is no barrier for mortgage applicants

Many older citizens do not realize that they could still qualify for a mortgage, even though discrimination against applicants based…

3 years ago

Contrary to popular opinion, most baby boomers aren't looking to downsize

The common perception that retirees are thinking of downsizing and moving to urban areas might be a myth. Instead, most…

4 years ago

Baby boomers could struggle to downsize from their 'supersize' homes

Baby boomers who have built “supersized” homes for themselves may find it difficult to sell when they want to downsize,…

4 years ago

When the Time Comes for Reverse Mortgage

Baby boomers are retiring at a rate of about 10,000 per day (more than 3.5 million a year) and will…

6 years ago

Retirees weigh up renovation vs relocation

A recent report revealed that as people edge towards retirement age, the more they value the emotional connection to their…

8 years ago

All Bets on Boomers as Millenials Struggle to Buy

While younger people increasingly delay home ownership, baby boomers are stepping in to fill the void.

8 years ago

More Retirees Fail To Pay Off Their Mortgages

A new Census Bureau report shows an alarming rate of older households carrying home debt well into retirement, and the…

9 years ago