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Helping Your Parents Purchase a Home

You often hear of cases where parents have helped their child to buy a home, but it is rarer for…

8 years ago

Baby Boomers Anticipate Retiring in Style

An article in RISMedia , based on the findings of a national survey of baby boomers aged between 49 and…

9 years ago

Housing Strategies for Retirees

An article in aol.com points out that housing is one of the largest expenses in most people's household budgets, and…

9 years ago

Over 55s Showing Increased Confidence in the Housing Market

Over the past few years many people‚Äôs retirement plans have been left in a state of disarray due to the…

9 years ago

Recent Survey Finds Silver Surfers Represent Typical Overseas Buyer

The survey of 1,114 respondents found 70% are aged 50 or over, and more than half were buying an overseas…

10 years ago