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Recent Survey Finds Silver Surfers Represent Typical Overseas Buyer

A recent survey conducted by The Overseas Guide Company (OGC), has found the typical overseas buyer is a silver surfer.

The survey of 1,114 respondents found 70% are aged 50 or over, and more than half were buying an overseas property with emigration or retirement in mind. Just over 40% had a property budget of between £100,000 and £199,000. As regards to financial support, nearly three quarters will rely on pensions or investments.

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Richard Way, editor of The Overseas Guide Company commented on the findings saying "The evidence paints a clear picture of today's typical overseas buyer, a financially self-sufficient retired or semi-retired person looking for a discounted home abroad where they can enjoy a better way of life than in the UK."

France is still one of the most popular places for retirement, and it's easy to see the attraction as the country offers lower living costs and a better quality-of-life. The climate is mild, and France has areas of stunning natural beauty as well as good travel connections to the UK.

One of the top areas for those looking to relocate or retire is the Languedoc-Rousillon region, known for its coast, countryside and climate as well as offering excellent canal boating. It's one of the most visited parts of Southwest France, and according to The Move Channel.com, 18.72% of all inquiries into French properties in September 2012 were for this region.

Alexis Goldberg, a writer for The Overseas Guide Company, is based in the Languedoc region and had this to say "We live on the border of the Aude and Herault departments and we're about 20 minutes south of Minerve. We chose this area as we loved the Mediterranean climate and colors. The people are extremely friendly and you are close to Spain and the coast as well as the mountains and there are some wonderful towns and villages."

Most people in the region make their living through running small agricultural farms or vineyards, or they rely on tourism as there's very little other industry. Those living in this region tend to want a simpler lifestyle. This has led to The  Villages Group developing their first active living resort ‘village’ for the over 50s to enjoy at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Canal du Midi in the Languedoc region. The community will comprise of 107 villas on the banks of the Canal du Midi and will offer full on-site miniseries that are perfect for living and active and fulfilling life within a community setting.

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