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TikTok and Real Estate Branding and Lead Generator

Tik Tok has emerged as an important social media tool for real estate agents to brand their businesses and for…

2 years ago

Studeo’s Nir Betan Talks About the Strategic Storytelling Advantage

A discussion with Studeo Co-founder Nir Betan about the need for agencies to differentiate in order to serve clients.

3 years ago

Home Sales, Rents, and Unemployment - You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Yale University finance professor and Nobel laureate Robert Shiller has been charting investor confidence in the stock markets for decades.…

3 years ago

Tips To Sell Your House In Virginia This Fall

Thousands of homeowners put up with the frustration of living in an unwanted property simply because they are afraid of…

3 years ago

Ask Brian: What Will the June Market Mean for Home Sales?

Question from Robert in AZ: Hi Brian. My wife and I are interested in both selling our existing home and…

3 years ago

Why You Need a Realtor If You're Planning on Selling a Home

Over 5 million families bought new homes last year.  That's a lot of people, so listing your home yourself and making the…

4 years ago

Top Tips: How to Make Your Home Sell Faster

Getting your home ready for viewers to look around, or ‘staging’ as it's more commonly known, is important. It can…

4 years ago

How to get the best Property Sales Deal

When shopping around for a potential home buyer, you might incur several challenges. But with the right approach and preparation,…

4 years ago