TikTok and Real Estate Branding and Lead Generator

Tik Tok has emerged as an important social media tool for real estate agents to brand their businesses and for generating leads.

Studeo’s Nir Betan Talks About the Strategic Storytelling Advantage

A discussion with Studeo Co-founder Nir Betan about the need for agencies to differentiate in order to serve clients.

Home Sales, Rents, and Unemployment – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Yale University finance professor and Nobel laureate Robert Shiller has been charting investor confidence in the stock markets for decades. His current data (August 2020) is at a new high for confidence that the markets are on the verge of a major crash. I wonder why? It’s probably the combination of all the abnormal things

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Tips To Sell Your House In Virginia This Fall

Thousands of homeowners put up with the frustration of living in an unwanted property simply because they are afraid of going through the rigorous process of a house sale. They are often scared of the daunting task of completing complex and seemingly unending paper works or falling into the hands of fraudulent realtors. However, if

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Ask Brian: What Will the June Market Mean for Home Sales?

Question from Robert in AZ: Hi Brian. My wife and I are interested in both selling our existing home and buying a larger home this summer in a neighborhood with a higher quality school system. We haven’t taken any action yet because we’ve been hunkered down for the past two months. What should we be

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Why You Need a Realtor If You’re Planning on Selling a Home

Over 5 million families bought new homes last year.  That’s a lot of people, so listing your home yourself and making the sale should be no big deal. Right? In reality, selling your home without help is a lot harder than that, which is why you need a realtor. We’ve put together this guide to show you

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Top Tips: How to Make Your Home Sell Faster

Getting your home ready for viewers to look around, or ‘staging’ as it’s more commonly known, is important. It can help sell a property faster, and could even add value to your property. Below are some top tips that will help you get your house looking at its best: 1.      Declutter Have a good clear

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How to get the best Property Sales Deal

When shopping around for a potential home buyer, you might incur several challenges. But with the right approach and preparation, you’ll find it easier doing so. This article will expound on effective strategies that’ll help you sell your property much faster. Make the Necessary Preparations First impressions really play an important role. So, ensure that

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Sales Market Tea Leafs With Different Messages This Spring

Four telltale trends emerged recently with clues of how the spring market is likely to unfold. But these trends point in different directions. 1. Home prices are slowly moving towards stability. 2. Mortgage applications rates are highly sensitive to interest rates. 3. New housing is both increasing and decreasing (multi family v. single family). 4.

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Fewer homes are selling above list price

The amount of homes that were sold above their listing price fell each month in the second half of 2018, with December seeing the biggest month-over-month drop since at least 2012, Zillow reported. Experts interpret it as another sign of a slowdown in the housing market. Just 19 percent of home sales in the U.S.

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