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Spring 2017: 3 Home Market Trends to Expect This Year

Every year's housing market is different, and 2017 will be no exception. If you're selling or buying a home this…

6 years ago

Real estate enters spring season, and buyers have never moved so fast

We’re just entering what’s traditionally the busiest time of the year in real estate, and housing markets are being buoyed…

6 years ago

Preparing for Spring: How to Optimize Your AC Unit's Energy Efficiency

Before the warm months of spring and summer arrive, you might want to check your air conditioning unit to make…

6 years ago

Snow Melting? How to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring

When the snow begins to melt away and the temperatures begin to climb, it's often the ideal time to begin…

6 years ago

Winter is great time to sell a home too, Redfin says

Spring is the best time to list a home, but only just.

6 years ago

Top 4 Places to Live if You Love Autumn

Consider spending some time in one of these great locations this autumn to really celebrate the wonders of the season:

7 years ago

3 Home Buying Trends Emerging this Spring

We're already well into spring, so what trends have emerged so far that buyers, sellers and real estate pros need…

7 years ago

Real Estate in the Spring Warms

As the flowers bloom and temperatures become milder, so does the real estate market and most experts expect it to…

8 years ago