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The Most Effective Real Estate Marketing Tactics in 2013

As the housing market continues to recover in 2013, real estate agents are using different tactics to market their houses and attract new clients.  Below are some of the top tips for agents who want to market their properties or business.

Compatibility with mobile phones- Almost everyone has a mobile phone, and there are plenty of apps that allow buyers to look for homes.  Agents need to check their web sites and make sure that they are compatible with mobile phones.  Testmysitenow.com allows agents to enter their URL and view how their web site appears on a mobile device.

Pay per click advertisements- One of the main advantages of PPC, or pay per click advertising, is that it allows agents to pay for the type of traffic that they requested.  This is beneficial for agents who are trying to target a specific demographic and/or audience.

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Press releases- Even though press releases might be considered outdated, they are still one of the most effective marketing tools for real estate agents.  The best part about press releases is that they have the ability to get people excited about your listings.  A web site that allows you to publish news about your listing for free is http://www.prlog.org.  And if you are willing to pay for a site that can help you reach a wider audience, look at http://www.prweb.com/.

Social Media- Social Media is an effective and efficient tool for agents because they are cost-effective and have the ability to reach a wide audience.  A popular social media site for agents who want to interact with other agents and business professionals is LinkedIn.  Agents who want to use social media to market their listings might want to use Pinterest.  Because one of the main purposes of the site is to share pictures, it’s easy for users to use Pinterest to search for the homes of their dreams.

Videos- Using videos to provide potential buyers with virtual tours is becoming increasingly popular.  A major benefit of giving virtual tours is that agents do not have to physically be at the location in order to show the home.  Another benefit of providing virtual tours is that it allows potential buyers to search for their new house in the comfort of their own home.

Real estate agents are using different tactics in order to build their businesses and market listings.  Interacting with potential clients on social media, using pay per click advertising to boost traffic to your web site, and ensuring your web site is compatible with mobile devices are some of the most important marketing tips for 2013.

Bio: Jeanette is from Boston, Ma and has a bachelor’s of science from Framingham State University.  She is currently working on her MBA with a concentration in marketing at the University of Massachusetts.

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