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Things To Know Before Moving To a Resort Town

Everyone loves going on vacation. People who want to feel like they’re on a trip all the time should consider moving to a resort town. However, you shouldn’t make this decision lightly. Read this article on things to know before moving to a resort town. It’s a realtor’s responsibility to inform clients about the advantages and disadvantages of making the move.

Lots of Attractions

One primary reason people like living in a resort town is because there are lots of amenities. Resort owners want people to visit their properties, so they stack up on the perks. A resort town often features:

  • Pools and beaches
  • Tanning decks
  • Highly rated restaurants

These attractions draw people in, but there are some drawbacks, too. Let’s look into the disadvantages of moving to one of these areas.

New Neighbors All the Time

One significant disadvantage of living near a resort is that people will always be coming in and out of your life. Most people don’t settle down in a resort town. You might new people all the time who you’ll never see again. If you want to build a stronger sense of community, then living in a resort town isn’t the best choice for you.


Another thing to know before moving to a resort town is that properties may be worth less than they are in other neighborhoods. There are a variety of reasons for this. You shouldn’t buy that timeshare you’ve been mulling over because they often bring down the value of the whole area. Lots of people can’t make their payments, so they fall into foreclosure. The more foreclosures in one spot, the worse it is for the neighborhood.

Properties may also be worth less in these places because of their nature. Since everyone goes there to vacation, there aren’t many schools or other typical residential establishments. This is another thing real estate agents should tell their clients.

Anita Townes

Anita is a Realty Biz News Contributor and loves all things real estate from housing, marketing and investing.

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