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Ed Kushins on 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Vacation Home

As the founder of Vacation Property Partners, I encourage careful thought, analysis, and prudence before taking that big step to…

1 year ago

Understanding the Risks of Investing in a Vacation Property

Traveling for leisure is one of the greatest pastimes in America and around the world.  Certain destinations in the United…

2 years ago

Things to keep in mind when buying a second home

The housing market may go slow at times. However, the demand for new homes always remains at an all-time high. When you…

2 years ago

Short-term vacation home bookings are rising fast

Vaccination rates are rising and with it, many states are seeing a rise in short-term vacation home bookings as people…

2 years ago

Some people are buying their second homes first

Although it may seem to be at odds with convention, a growing number of renters are buying second, vacation properties…

2 years ago

Things To Know Before Moving To a Resort Town

Everyone loves going on vacation. People who want to feel like they’re on a trip all the time should consider…

3 years ago

Short-term rentals rise as U.S. reopens for business

The short-term rental market is seeing a rebound as city dwellers rush to escape the metropolis for some peace and…

3 years ago

9 Things To Consider When Buying A Vacation Home

Buying a vacation home is a big decision so don't rush it One of the biggest investments a great number…

3 years ago