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US Property Investment Sector Expected To Grow

A recent initiative by the Chinese government to liberalize restrictions regarding the investment of capital in foreign countries is going to have a positive effect on real estate in the USA, according to claims made by Glenn Melton, president of the Professionals Realty Group USA.

US property investment sector set to see growth. © Maxim_Kazmin - Fotolia.com

The article in SF Gate quoted Melton as saying that the easing of investment policies was sure to lead to an influx of capital from China into overseas markets, spurring investments in both the Asia Pacific region and the US. Melton also claimed that the Chinese government’s restrictions on its own overheated real estate markets would add further incentives for Chinese investors to seek new opportunities outside their own country.

Further encouragement for the prospect of increased Chinese investment in the US comes from Congress, which is actively seeking ways to attract foreign investors. One of the ways in which Congress is attempting to do so is by offering five-year temporary residence visas for overseas investors who buy a home in the US for $500,000 or more.

Melton claims that the real estate sector is set to change rapidly in the near future. We can expect to see more investors interesting in building up real estate portfolios as opposed to just making one-off deals, something Melton claims will bear fruit in the next couple of years. For real estate agents and brokers, they should look to make the most of the opportunity by positioning themselves in property investments ahead of the curve.

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