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Will Wooden Blinds Add Value to My Home?

Homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to increase the appraisal of their property. This trend is so big that a simple Google search will reveal dozens of articles with ways to add value to your home.

Often, homeowners are looking for affordable ways to get drastic increases in resale prices. These can be small things, such as replacing baseboards or sprucing up the front yard garden. One of these simple changes is the addition of wooden blinds.

You can purchase wood window blinds at Home Depot and install them the same afternoon. But are they really going to create a significant increase in home value? The answer is yes, and let's discuss the ways that they achieve this.

Wooden Blinds Boost the Value of a Furnished Home

In these difficult economic times, renting is the go-to choice for many people. One of the key factors when renting an apartment or a home is whether it is furnished.

A furnished home is practically ready to move into, requiring minimal effort from the tenants to finish it up. Unfurnished homes present a considerable burden and add a huge deficit to a renter's budget. They'd rather pay a small premium for a furnished home than one that is not.

Wooden blinds, in addition to other home furnishings, make your home furnished and ready to go.

They Add to the "Curb Appeal"

Staging a home is an important part of the selling process. You make sure everything is fixed and presentable, from the wall decorations to the furniture. A home that looks its best is one that visitors are more likely to purchase.

Even faux wooden blinds add an unforgettable aesthetic to a home's appearance. It could even be a great way to cover a window in need of repair. And even if nobody takes interest in your home, at least your windows will look amazing.

They Are One Less Thing to Install

If you are selling the home, then the person who purchases it wants as little on their plate as possible. After moving in, they are going to make a ton of personalized changes. They will repaint walls, swap out ceiling fans, and even replace the countertops.

Wooden blinds require installing the fixtures and measuring out the correct blind length. This is just another responsibility to add on top of an already busy renovation schedule. Not having to worry about the blinds takes a load off their shoulders, and improves home value commensurate.

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Wooden blinds are a subtle addition to your property that can lead to a considerable increase in home value. For renters, they increase the price if the home comes furnished. For all others, it's an excellent staging implement and one less thing for new buyers to worry about.

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