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The Realty Biz Readership is made up of primarily industry professionals and heads of families. Educated, mature, and with a median income over $50,000 plus, our readers are primarily decision makers, technology and marketing driven, and entreprenuers  whom are investors. The point of advertising is putting your company’s brand in front of the people who need your products and services, so for those of you reading this needing professionals attention…

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For Week by Week or Monthly Advertising opportunities, we offer:

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Please contact our Account VP directly at to request  a proposal and additional pricing information.

For CPM Ad Units and Premium Branding,  and additional advertising possibilities like inclusion in our video on Realty Biz News and our Youtube Channels, please contact us as well.

Basic sponsorship opportunities exist for as little as $100 per month for short term insertion. Extended sponsorship and premium listings/social media outreach requires a minimum $ 1000.00 budget for consideration.

We invite all inquiries, and look forward to establishing vibrant and effective relationships with the best in the real estate industry. Please  give us your feedback.

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