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A San Antonio Roundup of Four "Go To" Real Estate Professional

In this special Sunday roundup of the top U.S. real estate agents, we want to refocus on a significant market. San Antonio, Texas, is a crucial region not only in the state but for the country where industry trends are concerned. And recent news of the scramble to adapt to rising interest rates by Texas builders is important for anyone buying or selling homes. The economy will soon lead us into a highly competitive market where hiring the very best marketers will be crucial. With this in mind, here are four of San Antonio’s “go to” property professionals. 

Alexis Weigand rocks many facets of digital marketing in real estate. Maybe this is one big reason her agency consistently rated San Antonio’s best. 3,400 followers on Facebook, 1,614 on Instagram, and over 1,200 professionals on LinkedIn, plus daily updates with usable content reveal a team dedicated to digital marketing channels. And since it's almost Halloween, the Instagram share I've used for her top listing here reveals a lot about this Texas lady so dedicated to family.

Her perfect Google (445) and Zillow (365) reviews keyed us to investigate further, which is a strategy we’d advise all buyers and sellers to follow when looking for the best agents online. The agent’s website is better than many and comes in with a decent SEO score of 72/100.

Weigand is relatively prolific in gaining national and local media coverage, which most American real estate professionals never bother with. If the agent has any weakness, Youtube could be it. She’s outstanding on camera, but the channel has been underdeveloped. Her “Message of the Market” (especially the one with her middle child) videos are brilliant. 

If she’d rehearse more of this theme, refine these personable messages, and promote the channel, I feel like she would rule this channel too. She’s a nice lady with a beautiful family, with an authenticity that families will resonate with. She’s been rated #1 in San Antonio three years in a row, making the top spot on our roundup. 

With 172 sales in the past 12 months, Missy Stagers is easily one of San Antonio’s most successful real estate pros. She’s also made an effort on social media, but it’s unclear if she’s serious about these channels. She made our list today because of perfect Google and Zillow reviews, plus she actually engages via social media. 

I had to hunt a bit to find her Instagram channel since it appears she’s not too proud of it. 55 Youtube subscribers reflect a ho-hum dedication to digital marketing, as well. This is unfortunate because Stagers is highly effective via video. Her website came in at a respectable 78/100 SEO score, but aesthetically the online billboard is genuinely Web 1.0. 

Stagers differentiates herself via traditional media, where she’s all over the pages of San Antonio’s magazines and newspapers. Another area she excels is the LinkedIn business community. Stagers may not be burning up Facebook engagement-wise, but she has to be converting from time to time on LI. She edges out our following top professional based solely on the fact she has twice as many followers in this valuable business community.    

Kristen Schramme is consistently rated as one of the top real estate agents in San Antonio. Interestingly, she almost failed to make our list today because of a hiccup in her Facebook presence. Her team has crossed all the “t-s” where measuring digital marketing prowess is concerned. Only Schramme’s personal FB seems to have paused for a reason. Dead links are all over the place to her team’s Facebook page. However, FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and all the social presence is there, so here she is. The Keller Williams website is nothing to brag about (SEO 72/100), but all the other marketing efforts are top-notch. 

With 737 sales in the past 12 months and 733 excellent reviews on Zillow, Schramme has one of the best reputations/brands we’ve researched. Perhaps she’s put Facebook on hold to take a sabbatical to the Riviera? On the other hand, she may have decided to let her team earn the bread for a spell. Looking more closely at this Texas gal’s business, it’s pretty easy to see why she’s so successful. On Instagram, for instance, you’ll find fifty shares of her teammates to every one of her. 

Anyway, this San Antonio professional certainly deserves a spot on our list. And this fact pretty much validates our latest methodology for finding top agents. We didn’t consult the San Antonio Business Journal to see her, but we agree she’s a walking-talking real estate award. On a final note, Schramme buys Google ads, which is something almost all US real estate agents miss out on. I’ll explain this lost opportunity cost another time. It just is.

Being a digital marketing superhero is not a prerequisite for becoming a top real estate professional. After all, a real gunslinger in the old west could probably be as effective with four bullets in their six-gun. Well, Cesar Amezcua is that real estate pistolero. 468 perfect reviews on Zillow, unblemished on Google, and a teeny bit visible on Facebook (1,100 followers), Amezcua sold 60 properties in the past 12 months with the minimal marketing effort. 

It’s too bad because Amezcua is photogenic, has a great sense of humor, and he could rock San Antonio if somebody showed him how to tweak his marketing. Some SEO help on his website would not hurt since 67/100 is pitiful for a significant market business. Amezcua has gotten some mentions in traditional media, but nobody thought to optimize those. Media outreach, reciprocity, and other PR expertise, I’ll keep to myself for the moment. 

The point is this energetic and effective real estate pro could lead the pack in San Antonio just by emulating the colleagues I’ve profiled above. You owe me $100 bucks for that one Cesar. Seriously though, I am a bit surprised that all these San Antonio agents have not keyed on a strategy as I suggest. If you stand back from the profiles I’ve posted here, each has a missing element covered by their contemporaries. So, Cesar, how about it? A little investment to achieve 200 sales by next year! 

Phil Butler

Phil Butler is a former engineer, contractor, and telecommunications professional who is editor of several influential online media outlets including part owner of Pamil Visions with wife Mihaela. Phil began his digital ramblings via several of the world’s most noted tech blogs, at the advent of blogging as a form of journalistic license. Phil is currently top interviewer, and journalist at Realty Biz News.

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