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Fire Safety

Key Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

By Catherine Tims | March 24, 2023
Fire safety should be a priority for every homeowner. Based on one source, around 486,500 cases of fire happen yearly, with most occurring in residential properties. If you reside in an area with cold seasons, paying close attention to the heating system is crucial since they're constantly in use to create warmth.    A house fire […]
Is Selling Your Home if You Owe More Than it's Worth Worth It?

Is Selling Your Home if You Owe More Than it's Worth Worth It?

By Tammy Emineth | January 19, 2023
Many people purchase homes with the intent to build equity, though life happens and homeowners end up underwater, whether it is upside down or with negative equity. But what do these terms mean? The total balance owed on a mortgage is more than the house is currently worth. Winding up with Negative Equity  With the […]
home with solar panels

How to Finance Your Roof Top Solar Panels

By Brian Kline | December 21, 2022
There’s a reason why 2.5 million homeowners — and counting — have already installed solar on their homes: it’s a great investment! Solar panel systems last for 25 years or more, offsetting most or all your electricity bill every month, and in many places, you can even make money by selling power back to your […]
home maintenance

Advanced and Early Autumn Maintenance for Older Homes

By Brian Kline | September 1, 2022
Many people will soon welcome relief from the hottest days of summer and are starting to look forward to the change in season. However, fall and spring are the seasons that require the most home maintenance because these are the most dramatic changes in weather. Procrastinators will wait until the rains are falling and the […]
Housing, Residential

Pending home sales fall again as NAR says we may be at rock bottom

By Mike Wheatley | August 25, 2022
Pending home sales, which is a gauge of signed contracts to buy existing homes, dropped by 1% from June to July, according to the National Association of Realtors. As a result, pending home sales are now down 19.9% from a year ago. It means that pending home sales have fallen for eight of the last […]
moving to a home with pets

A How-to Guide for Moving to a New Home with Pets

By Eric Jeanette | June 20, 2022
Moving to a New Home with Pets When moving day arrives, no one wants to leave behind their favorite family member, right? But, if your pet has become clingy, standoffish, or maybe excited at the sight of the suitcase, then you know how sensitive they can be to the change of scenery. Therefore, you can […]

How Can Real Estate Agents Save Your Money?

By Jamie Richardson | June 15, 2022
Real estate agents, like lawyers, get a lot of bad press. We assume that they are there to siphon off money from us. But it is not correct. If anything, it is a terrible example of stereotyping. If you look at it, an estate agent representing a property management firm can help you a lot […]
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