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Various home owners insurance for home buyers and current home owners

How Does a Home Warranty Work, and What Does It Cover?

A home guarantee's inclusions and exclusions will help you choose the right plan for your house's maintenance and repairs. House…

4 weeks ago

The Beginner's Guide to Homeowner's Insurance

Congratulations! You've finally found a home you like and put in an offer. If accepted, you'll be on your way…

2 months ago

How Long Does Private Mortgage Insurance Last?

Private mortgage insurance, also known as PMI, protects the lender in case the borrower defaults on their loan. Borrowers tend…

7 months ago

What Landlord Insurance is and Why it is Critical for Your Business

As a landlord, you know that many risks are associated with owning and renting out property. However, the last thing…

10 months ago

Why Social Media Is Important for Home Insurance Sales

In the modern era, most people use the internet when they are looking for products and services they need. Therefore,…

1 year ago

DIY – How to Reclaim Valuable Real Estate in Your Garage

You probably make a monthly mortgage payment for your home and another monthly payment for your car. For the average…

2 years ago

How to Get the Right Home Insurance for Your Needs

For many people, a home is among the biggest investments they can have. However, it is threatened every day by…

2 years ago

5 things that make a home warranty company reputable

Are you on the look for a reputable home warranty company that won’t let you down? There might be many…

3 years ago