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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Account to Generate Real Estate Leads

There are many reasons why you should use LinkedIn for real estate but if you're treating it just like Instagram…

2 months ago

Real Estate LinkedIn Pages: Quick Branding Tips

There's so much more you could do with Real Estate LinkedIn Pages. Create a strategy that aligns with your business…

6 months ago

How to use Linkedin Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Did you know that the number of existing homes that were sold in the US in 2020 was 5.64 million? Additionally,…

6 months ago

How to Generate Real Estate Leads Using Linkedin

Linkedin is an excellent platform for lead generation right now. Linkedin has around 650 million members worldwide and is predominantly…

2 years ago

Top 5 Social Media Sites for Realtors

In 2018 the efficacious use of social media is paramount for realtors. Every social media channel is unique, and therefore…

5 years ago

How To Use LinkedIn to Generate More Leads In Real Estate

Email marketing works too but, over the past few years, digital marketing, LinkedIn, in particular is gaining ground as the…

5 years ago

LinkedIn & Zillow identify where to live to have more disposable income

There's a good reason thousands of technology workers are flocking to Seattle: the math works out.

6 years ago

Streamlining Social Media Marketing

We all know that social media is a powerful marketing tool for businesses when it's used correctly. The problem is…

6 years ago