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Crowdsourcing property management with CrowdComfort

Property managers might find a helping hand in the shape of CrowdComfort, whose product came about from an innovation challenge…

7 years ago

theRRD provides a newer, simplified way to carry out tenant screening

Landlords and property managers face numerous challenges, but one of the trickiest is the process of screening prospective tenants.

7 years ago

7 Concerns All Property Managers Face

Property managers are highly concerned about their clients and want to provide the best possible living situation for all parties…

7 years ago

Landlords warned against rejecting applicants with criminal records

Landlords who refused to lease a property to an applicant that's failed a background check could be acting illegally, according…

7 years ago

Real Estate Investing And Your Crew

Real estate investing has always been about location, location, location. That means the best investment opportunities for you might be…

9 years ago

How To Find Quality Tenants - Fast!

As a property owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate when renting out your place - the last worry…

11 years ago

Modern Apartment Hunting - Easier Than The George Costanza Way

Poor George Costanza - bidding against an Andrea Doria survivor for an apartment - no need to ask who won!…

11 years ago

Drones a Good Buzzness Tool for Realtors?

Real estate investors have smartphones, iPads, workflow software... And now they can even have drones. Well, at least they could…

11 years ago