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theRRD provides a newer, simplified way to carry out tenant screening

By Mike Wheatley | June 27, 2016
Landlords and property managers face numerous challenges, but one of the trickiest is the process of screening prospective tenants.
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7 Concerns All Property Managers Face

By Guest Author | June 13, 2016
Property managers are highly concerned about their clients and want to provide the best possible living situation for all parties involved, as well as ensure the upkeep of the property so it can maintain its value
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Landlords warned against rejecting applicants with criminal records

By Mike Wheatley | April 29, 2016
Landlords who refused to lease a property to an applicant that's failed a background check could be acting illegally, according to US Department of Housing and Urban Development
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Real Estate Investing And Your Crew

By Brian Kline | June 24, 2014
Real estate investing has always been about location, location, location. That means the best investment opportunities for you might be out of state or even out of the country. Maybe you're a retired investor living in Phoenix or an active investor living in the South Pacific, either way, if you want to invest in Memphis, […]
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How To Find Quality Tenants - Fast!

By Anita Cooper | August 29, 2012
As a property owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate when renting out your place - the last worry you need is a poor tenant. Even if you’re the best judge of character and typically have a great rapport with your tenants, it’s possible for a “bad egg” to slip in every now and then.
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Modern Apartment Hunting - Easier Than The George Costanza Way

By Anita Cooper | August 14, 2012
Poor George Costanza - bidding against an Andrea Doria survivor for an apartment - no need to ask who won! Although not purchasing real estate, at least in the present, renters play an important part in the real estate industry, and they have, arguably, a difficult time - especially in crowded urban areas, finding the right place and/or the right roommate. Just ask George!
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Drones a Good Buzzness Tool for Realtors?

By Anita Cooper | April 9, 2012
Real estate investors have smartphones, iPads, workflow software... And now they can even have drones. Well, at least they could if they really want one. Drones have left the domain of the military and have been approved thanks to President Obama in February this year, to be used by both law enforcement and civilians.
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