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How to foster new prospects without turning them off

When a new potential client first connects with a real estate agent, it’s almost standard procedure for that person to…

2 years ago

Tips for Selling a Home with Tenants

During the housing crisis, many homeowners found themselves having to reluctantly rent out their homes in order to balance the…

11 years ago

Short Sale Fraud – Another Real Estate Agent Jailed

A female real estate agent from Connecticut has been sent to prison after admitting her role in an elaborate short…

11 years ago

Kicking Off The Nationwide Open House Event This Weekend

Across the US this weekend real estate agents will be staging open houses within their local communities as part of…

11 years ago

New Real Estate Sales Methods are the Future

While real estate markets are rebounding, the uncertainty surrounding it certainly hasn’t, at least not in the minds of most…

11 years ago