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5 Steps to Becoming Real Estate Broker

Have you ever wondered how to become a real estate broker? What are the steps to land this rewarding job?…

9 months ago

Need Real Estate Broker Bond? JW Surety Bonds to the Rescue

Being a real estate broker means being jumping through any number of hoops. Depending on what state you live in,…

4 years ago

What to do if You Aren’t Happy with Your Real Estate Agent

What happens if you aren’t happy with your real estate agent or broker? The answer might be in the listing…

5 years ago

Attention Real Estate Industry Pros: Your Future Is In Jeopardy!

Real estate brokers, agents, home builders and lenders - we're talking to you!

9 years ago

Why You Should Avoid Dual Agency Deals

Certainly most real estate professionals are exactly that, professionals. Still, there are real estate arrangements that you should avoid just…

9 years ago

Finding the Right Broker

There are unlimited ways to get noticed in today’s marketplace of real estate agents. Many agents and brokers use their…

10 years ago

Seller's Optimism on the Rise

For the last few years, we haven’t been able to get away from the fact that it’s definitely been a…

11 years ago

South Carolina Plantations Listed for Sale

In an extremely rare occurrence in property sales that is perhaps a sign of the times, a number of the…

11 years ago