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A Real Estate Agents Key To A Great Retirement

Because most real estate agents are self-employed, deciding on a retirement plan is often more complex than it would be…

10 years ago

Baby Boomers Over Age 55 More Likely To Own And Invest In Real Estate

A recent article on doctorhousingboom.com clearly demonstrates the impact that boomers are having on the housing market. Boomers between the…

11 years ago

Investing in Property in Place of Pension

With a significant decrease in defined benefit schemes and more emphasis being placed on defined contributions as pension provisions, the…

11 years ago

Buying Properties Using Your IRA funds

One of the best ways to both invest for your retirement and at the same time use your retirement funds…

11 years ago

The Changing Face of Retirement and Its Impact on Real Estate

Do you plan to retire? You would imagine that such a question is a “no-brainer” but that's not necessarily true.…

11 years ago

Cheaper, Smaller Homes Just Perfect For Most Baby Boomers

Baby boomers looking to move away to the sun or to be closer to their families during their retirement are…

12 years ago