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NAR President elect Vince Malta proposes changes to Bipartisan Financing Reform Act

Reform of the secondary mortgage market was the subject of a new bill heard by the House Financial Services Committee…

4 years ago

The Ugly Truth About The So-Called Housing Recovery

Since 2008's market melt-down and the advent of record numbers of foreclosures along with the loss of 35% of market…

10 years ago

Six Real Estate Megatrends For 2012 And Beyond

Today's housing market is evolving, and many of the changes we are seeing now are unlikely to go away any…

11 years ago

Fannie And Freddie Principal Reductions: Election Year Wrangling?

FHFA Regulator, Edward DeMarco, charged with oversight of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, is under heavy pressure from…

11 years ago

The U.S. Housing Crisis - Is There A "One Size Fits All" Solution?

As the housing crisis enters it's 5th year, there's still no final solution in sight - other than just living…

11 years ago

Mortgage Finance Act of 2011 Aims To Recreate Secondary Market

Senator Johnny Isakson, himself a former real estate broker from Atlanta, Georgia, has introduced The Mortgage Finance Act of 2011…

11 years ago