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Subprime Mortgages Becoming More Available, but at a Price

During the housing crisis borrowers with bad credit records were unable to obtain mortgages, but now a small number of…

10 years ago

Raising Private Money To Finance Your Property Deals

It really is possible to raise money from private individuals to fund the purchase of an investment property, or to…

11 years ago

Would Honesty, Education and Accountability Have Lessened Our Real Estate Market Woes?

Whether or not you believe that housing has hit bottom, there are some things to be learned from the recent…

11 years ago

Credit Unions Enter Mortgage Market

Traditionally credit unions have been used for lines of credit and car loans, but now they are entering the mortgage…

12 years ago

Investors Want H&R Block's Subprime Lender to Pay Up

Several mortgage bond investors are seeking assistance to force a subprime lending unit of H&R Block Inc. to buy back…

12 years ago

Minority Groups Less Likely to Secure A Mortgage

Obtaining a mortgage in a U.S. city nowadays is far more difficult for ethnic minority races to achieve, reports a…

12 years ago