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US housing market

Targeting Urban Millennials When Redeveloping

Move over Baby Boomers. The Millennials are now the dominate force in the U.S. housing market. The core group of…

7 years ago

How Will China's Latest Economic Stimulus Drive US Home Sales?

As China again cuts its lending rates, how will this have a knock on effect on U.S. home sales? The…

11 years ago

Half of US Homes are Underwater on Mortgages

A new study has revealed that an incredible 50% of all homes in the US are now officially "underwater", which…

11 years ago

Rural US States Staging Recovery

Although the national housing market is still treading water, rural states appear to be faring a little better, according to…

12 years ago

US New Home Sales Struggling to Gain Momentum

Figures just released from the Commerce Department show the housing market is still struggling, as purchases of new homes fell…

12 years ago

Full Recovery Long Way Off Say Most Americans

A full recovery in the US housing market won’t happen for at least another three years, or maybe even longer,…

12 years ago