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YouTube Brings New Quality-of-Life Updates to Improve Viewer Engagement

As a social media platform, YouTube is a major component of any real estate professional’s marketing strategy. Video marketing is…

1 month ago

Take Advantage of the Many Ways YouTube Can Be the Perfect Real Estate Marketing Tool

In 2022, the average person watched over 19 hours of online videos per week. If you want to connect with real estate…

2 months ago

Facebook considers hiding 'likes'

Facebook is said to be looking at the idea of hiding 'like counts' on people’s posts, in order to prevent…

4 years ago

Top 5 Social Media Sites for Realtors

In 2018 the efficacious use of social media is paramount for realtors. Every social media channel is unique, and therefore…

5 years ago

Acquiring Home Buyers with YouTube

Are you using video in your real estate marketing yet? If not, you might want to start - and the…

6 years ago

Forthcoming YouTube update will make videos look better on mobile screens

YouTube is planning new changes that will let users change the shape of its media player so it matches the…

6 years ago

YouTube adds new virtual reality-like video format VR180

YouTube has added a new virtual reality video format that has enormous potential for showcasing futuristic property listings

6 years ago

5 Rules for Realtors Who Want More Out of YouTube

Does YouTube marketing really work? Hubspot screams “yes” from the mountaintops. According to Hubspot, real estate listings with videos get…

6 years ago