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Wallpaper: Covering the Modern Day Comeback

As with most things there are ever-trendy improvements for homeowners to consider. These trends sometimes fluctuate, leaving an improvement that you undertook 5 years ago in the top no-no list of today’s homebuyers likes and dislikes.

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For the past few years in many markets wallpaper was one such bane on a home’s appeal. Recently, however, wallpaper seems to be making a comeback. But this isn’t the floral wallpapers with dark colors that were so popular in the 90’s. Today’s trendy wallpapers are taking a much more contemporary feel.

Many homeowners find it difficult to commit to wallpaper given its taboo feel over the past few years. Not to mention that putting up a print that quickly goes out of style could leave you having to remove the wallpaper and repaint a space for buyers in the future. It’s true: if making an improvement with the intent to quickly sell the home, a neutral approach is always better. It makes your property more appealing to a wider range of buyers and decreases your likelihood of having to paint in order to seal the deal.

But if you’re considering wallpaper as a personal choice for a property that you have no intent on selling for some time, then I say go for it. After a few years you will have gotten your money’s worth out of the improvement and can repaint to the market standards of what’s popular at that time. Wallpaper can be a great way to add depth and personality to space in a much less expensive manner than using tile and other more costly improvements. It can also easily be completed as a DIY job (for those who don't know, they can follow these tips on how to paste wallpaper).

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Today’s wallpaper trends include modern, contemporary twists on old themes, such as floral designs. At one time floral wallpaper was incredibly popular, utilizing colors such as blue and fuchsia in bold ways. These days’ florals are a bit more understated, still utilizing color but often with a white or neutral background. Geometric shapes are also popular and go wonderfully in a contemporary setting.

Another trend seen recently on home improvement shows is textured wallpaper, giving a whole new pop to more traditional patterns and contemporary shapes alike. With today’s printing methods wallpaper design has been greatly improved allowing for use of a much wider array of colors and designs, resulting in virtually limitless possibilities.

If you’re looking for a fairly inexpensive way to add personality and charm to your home wallpaper might be just the improvement for the job. And with today’s printing techniques you can look forward to a much wider assortment of design choices that wouldn’t be possible with painting.

Just remember to choose a print that you truly like for your personal taste rather than because it’s trendy. Choosing a print for its shock-factor alone might leave you re-doing the room in a much shorter timeframe than if you’d stuck with what speaks to you.

Alicia Murphy

Alicia Murphy is a licensed real estate agent. My freelance writing career began simultaneously with my Real Estate career in 2010. As a Realtor I’ve worked primarily with buyers in finding them their dream home and have experience in foreclosure sales, but I've also represented sellers in marketing and selling their homes. As we await the bolstering return of the Real Estate market I will continue to adapt to ever-changing conditions and continue to provide first-rate service to my clients.

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