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At the moment, smart home technology encompasses a number of features designed to monitor or change conditions within the home. Now experts from Forbes Technology Council have announced their predictions as to what will be next for smart home technology.

Their predictions for the next innovations range from devices being able to predict the need for repairs, to being able to change settings on multiple devices with just a single voice command. One of the most interesting predictions is that artificial intelligence will help to monitor health. It’s just possible that in the future your home will be able to sense your health and well-being and it could just save your life.

Another prediction is that macro actions will be controlled by voice, whether at home or remotely. This will give users access to any task through control devices and sensors. Users will be able to define their own actions through using voice commands.

Many of us already have digital photo frames, a technology that has remained fairly consistent over the past few years. Now it’s been predicted that photo frames could be able to update the pictures shown based on whoever is in the room.

Imagine if your smart home appliances could predict the need for maintenance or repairs. This may be possible in the future for heating or air conditioning, or for vehicle maintenance issues. This kind of capacity could help users stay on top of maintenance schedules more easily, potentially reducing their repair bills.

Another interesting prediction is that GPS could allow smart home devices to prepare the home for the owner’s arrival, adjusting lights and temperature to optimal levels. This would help save money spent on heating and air conditioning when users are away from their properties.

One of the major concerns about smart home technology is privacy and security. It is anticipated that as smart home technology becomes more involved, security protection will be included during product design. It could be that fewer home devices will demand Internet access, particularly when using a more secure home network will work equally as well.

Allison Halliday

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