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Why Hire A Your Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are the arbiters of one of the biggest financial transactions we ever make – buying a new home. In order for this process to be as smooth, simple, and stable as possible, there are some discussions you need to have with your real estate agent. Fail to do so, and you may waste time and energy trying to find the perfect property.


A real estate agent is never going to tell you that you can’t afford a home. They might suggest a longer mortgage term or describe this as the perfect home that you should stretch your budget for. This is why you need to tell the real estate agent what you can afford to put down on a property or pay in cash. This is why you must be up front about the money you have available for property renovations, repairs, and moving costs. And when you have hard limits, it is your obligation to say no to the property. If the real estate agent keeps pushing properties that don’t fit your budget or your family’s needs, find another one.

Location Based Preferences

Do you want your kids to be in walking distance to a particular school? Do you want to live a ten-minute drive away from work? Discuss these must-haves with the real estate agent. They only know what you tell them. And they may focus on the price or size of the property instead of the other details you consider equally important but think you’ll find in any home in the area. This also means that if you’re searching for the perfect piece of Greenwich CT real estate, you’ll want to find local agents who are intimately familiar with the area.

Long-Term Plans

Discuss your long-term goals for the property you’re searching for. For example, discuss your idea of having your children or parents move in with you. Your realtor may be able to find a home with live-in suites or attached rental units that can serve as separate living spaces for adults. Then, you don’t have to renovate the property to have a comfortable, multi-generational household. Do you have health problems? Talk to your realtor about it. If you’re having issues with balance, mobility, or vision now, don’t waste time looking at two story homes that will be difficult to navigate in a few years. More importantly, your realtor could help you find homes that are already accessible. That can save you the time and hassle of renovating the property as your health declines.  

Your Time Frame

Are you facing financial challenges if you don’t sell the home soon? Tell your real estate agent so that they can more aggressively market the property. Do you want to close on the home so that you can get the kids in their new schools when the school year starts? Let the real estate agent know so that you can close on the property in time. Do you have limited time to shop for a home before you move to the area? List out all of your requirements and deal breakers so that the realtor only shows you properties that are a perfect match.

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