Real Estate Technology

real estate technology for use in the real estate industry with the advanced use of mobile apps, artificial intelligence, search platforms, rental platforms, smart homes for residential and commercial realtors, real estate investors and homebuyers, easy use in real estate transactions. Real Estate Technology generally refers to a group of startups trying to target every segment of the property chain, attempting to disrupt and improve how the current market players (developers, buyers, sellers, rentors, investors, and real estate professionals) design, construct, market, discover, transact and operate real estate. The real estate tech sector is being shaped by shifting market conditions and changes in consumer behaviors. Every year, my company tracks and analyzes emerging trends in real estate tech to better understand technology’s impact on the industry. The purpose is to help prepare real estate professionals and organizations for the future by collecting, assessing and reporting the trends that will most impact them.

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Trouble Paying Your Rent on Time? Get Circa.

Circa is a new rent payment model with benefits for residents and proprety owners alike.

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MeetElise AI-powered Software Is Revolutionizing the Apartment Leasing Experience

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