Goldman Sachs forecasts home prices to jump 16% in 2022

The housing market is on fire, with home prices up 20% today compared to one year ago. But if you thought that the market couldn’t get any hotter, and that things might start to cool off soon, think again, as analysts believe there are yet more home price gains in store for 2022. Goldman Sachs […]

Younger buyers are losing out to baby boomers as they compete for fewer homes

Younger people are being forced to compete with baby boomers for the limited inventory of available homes, and they’re losing out and therefore make up a smaller share of home buyers today than in previous years. That’s according to a report from Zillow that looked at the age, sex, race and income of home buyers […]

Most single women believe they’ll never be able to buy a home

With home prices having gained so much over the past 18 months, the majority of single women households now believe homeownership is out of reach. Freddie Mac, in a research brief, found that 60% of single female household renters believe they’ll never be able to afford a home. Of those, 80% cited insufficient savings to […]

Here’s what first-time buyers need to budget for

High buyer demand coupled with limited housing stock has translated to double-digit home price gains over the last few months. No wonder, a big number of prospective buyers have found themselves locked out of the market – especially first-time buyers – while others have been forced to stretch their budget beyond what they can comfortably […]

Fannie Mae to allow third-party homeownership education courses

Fannie Mae has said it will allow third-party operators to provide the homeownership education courses that many buyers are compelled to take to secure a mortgage. The organization said the third-party homeownership education providers will have to be aligned with the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling or with the Department of Housing […]

A third of homeowners would rather sell than fix foundation issues

Repairing foundations doesn’t come cheap, so it’s hardly a surprise to learn that homeowners are generally worried about any damage that may lead to problems such as subsidence. A new survey by the foundation services firm Groundworks found that 78% of the 978 homeowners it quizzed are concerned about the state of their homes’ foundations. […]

Teachers and nurses are being forced to live in older, smaller rental homes

The coronavirus pandemic has helped thousands of Americans to relocate to more affordable parts of the country thanks to their ability to work remotely from anywhere. But for people whose jobs still require them to be there in person – such as teachers and nurses – the opposite is true. As a new analysis from […]

Surprising jump in pending home sales suggests buyers are making a comeback

Pending home sales of existing homes jumped by 8.1% in August from the previous month, suggesting that buyers in the housing market are making a strong comeback. The National Association of Realtors said the surprising gain occurred as buyers are seeing more inventory and slightly more favorable prices. It had expected pending home sales to […]

Survey: Despite being a seller’s market, most buyers succeed without breaking a sweat

In the highly competitive housing market, stories abound of buyers making all-cash offers and using risky strategies such as waiving contingencies in order to make their bids stand out. But for all the anecdotes of bidding wars and frustrated buyers failing time and time again, the reality is somewhat different for the majority. Recently published […]

New home sales rise despite 20% price gains

Sales of new homes jumped in August even as buyers had to contend with prices making steady gains. The higher development costs and prices of building materials have sent new home costs soaring, with the median price rising 20% from one year ago. In August, the median sales price for a new home hit $390,000, […]