How to sell a Smart Home in 2019

Homes are becoming smarter, thanks to integration with modern technologies. Things like smart garage door openers, smart locks and smart thermostats headline the upgrades, with many other options waiting in the wings.

The general concept is that smart home technology offers considerable conveniences to simplify and enhance the lives of its users. Therefore, everyone from single mothers to retired elders can take advantage of the valuable benefits the technology has to offer.

Imagine calling out to a smart system to turn on the lights in your bedroom, instead of getting up and interacting with a light switch. Or, suddenly it’s possible to open your garage door with your smartphone, as opposed to fumbling around for a proprietary remote.

Popularity has grown to the point where people desire a “smart” buy, where the tech is already available in a new property. Eighty-nine percent of millennials are willing to pay more money for a home or rental property if it already has smart home technology incorporated.

What Smart Home Solutions Are Most Popular?

The Coldwell Banker Real Estate Smart Home Marketplace Survey outlines the most desirable smart home solutions. Americans prefer security and temperature-based appliances. Security devices help protect property and allow homeowners to check in remotely, from anywhere. Temperature devices — like smart thermostats — help manage the cooling and heating in a home. The most beneficial aspect of smart thermostats is that they learn habits and preferences and help mitigate costs.

Here are some of the most desirable devices:

  • 77 percent of Americans want smart thermostats pre-installed
  • 75 percent would prefer smart fire detectors
  • 70 percent want smart carbon monoxide detectors
  • 66 percent want a smart camera
  • 63 percent want a smart lock
  • 63 percent want smart lighting solutions

Selling a Smart Home

If we’re honest, a well-equipped smart home will almost always sell itself. The benefits and conveniences this technology can offer homeowners are invaluable. So, as a seller or real estate agent, it’s best to show how these devices can enrich the lives of users.

When visiting a home with a smart lock, for example, show potential buyers how to access the house in various ways and what that means for them. Unlock the door with your phone, as opposed to a physical key.

Do the same thing with other devices installed throughout the home. Instead of turning on lights with their physical switches, use other means, whether voice or mobile.

The selling points are really about demonstrating new ways of living, as opposed to merely showing the property.

Some talking points include:

  • The safety and security benefits
  • The convenience of hands-free or quick access via mobile
  • Energy and cost savings, especially with smart thermostats
  • Potential scheduling for interaction-free use — for instance, set smart lights on a timer
  • Remote access from anywhere with an active Internet connection

Why Smart Homes?

In the end, consumers love to see convenient, simple solutions to common problems. That is precisely what smart home and modern technologies aim to solve. They offer more intelligent and efficient solutions to concerns the average homeowner may have. Smart thermostats, for instance, help automate and simplify the cooling and heating of a home. Smart locks allow you to access your home remotely, or unlock the door without a physical key. Security solutions will enable you to check up on your home or keep it safe through active monitoring.

It’s all about the support these devices provide. If you know you can help your customers enrich their lives and better enjoy their new homes, why wouldn’t you?

Bio: Nathan Sykes enjoys writing about the latest trends, news and advice on all things business and

technology. To read more by Nathan, check out his blog, Finding an Outlet.

Nathan Sykes

Nathan Sykes is a Realty Biz News Contributor and enjoys writing about the latest trends, news and advice on all things business and technology. To read more by Nathan, on his technology blog

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